Student Testimonials

There's a very clear and distinct difference between being able to 'dance' salsa and being able to 'teach' salsa, and Marcus does both exceedingly well. Not only has he worked to become an expert in every aspect of the dance from counts, to styling, to combinations, to technique, and even to the culture behind the dance, but he can also pass this knowledge on to his students in a fun and easy to understand way that makes you want to keep learning more, dancing more, and strive to take your dancing to the next level. My skills in dancing are without a doubt a product of his teachings. It's also more than apparent that he takes great pride in watching his students improve and eventually surpass him. It's funny (and good for the ego) when people see me dance and think that I just "naturally dance salsa". I quickly explain that it's not because I'm a natural; I just learned from Marcus Negron. Thanks Marcus!! =)

Brandon Pugh
August, 2010